AGT 99

Cybernetic Maintenance and Repair Unit


This is the Squadron’s Cybernetic Maintenance and Repair Unit.


Meet AGT 99. Typically referred to as ‘99’ or more colorfully by other names when Ursula get’s into it with ‘her’. 99 is no longer a standardized unit thanks to various efforts of generations of Squadron members tinkering with her Logic and emotion processes. Her most evident personalities are matronly, siren, childlike, and standard robotic interface though there are other ‘personalities’ in her subroutines. She can commonly be seen to argue with Ursula about ship maintenance and repair specifics. Ursula’s father introduced a program of his own to the cyborg’s directives and so it can typically be observed hovering around or near her as much as possible in ‘babysit’ mode, which no one has the heart to remove despite no longer being needed.

AGT 99

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