Enforcers are the privately contracted bodyguards/judges empowered by the Empire to determine guilt or innocence and cleared to use deadly force in the execution of their duties if a client is attacked.

As the universe is a dangerous place and farflung, corporations often work at the edges of civilized space, encountering pirates and other unsavory types. As this is the case, the Empire devised a way to cut cost by allowing private interests to buy contracts to judges that would ideally represent the Empire’s laws, bringing a semblance of order to these far flung locals.

However as these Judges were also empowered to take life in extreme scenarios,these individuals were given the title of ‘Enforcer’.

Enforcers work hand in hand with Troopers- the patrolling police officers who will escort those found guilty by an Enforcer to the closest incarceration point.


Enforcers are souped up bodyguards: Not only can they kill at their discretion if someone under their charge is threatened in a heat of the moment sort of way- but that are also judges meting out the Imperator’s justice. However they are not supposed to execute in the case of apprehensions. They are supposed to render a judgement, then remand the individual to the next available trooper patrol (think state troopers/sheriff) or drop them at the next constabulary. Adherence to the laws of the Empire is supposed to take priority, however, private alliances with their benefactor often becomes a conflict.

Imagine Monsanto or Bank of America with their own judge publically on the payroll. Thus it is just another aspect of the corrupt regime that doesn’t work the way it was intended and everyone knows it. Of course there are sterling examples of Enforcers out there, but it is understood that an Enforcer attached to a corporation will be influenced by the corporation’s interests.

Of course in the best of all universes- all corporations are law abiding entities above reproach, right..?


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