Gabby 'Cookie' Longford


Born on Terra, Gabby is shy to the point of awkwardness in all situations but those dealing with her job.

With her chief interests being in botanical sciences, Gabby heads up the team of scientists that work for Midnight Enterprises.

She is responsible for the discovery of several flora at various Midnight Enterprise explorative ventures, and has produced formulas for superior sustenance alternatives and bio atmospheric cleansing and recycling systems instrumental in aiding spacers galaxy wide.

She is a key sub contracted contributor to the UEE efforts to terraform hostile environments and relaxes by puttering about in the Midnight Enterprise biodomes whenever possible.

She does not eat any animal product and prefers organically grown produce.

Often thought to be absent minded or a bit odd, she surprises people by her keen insight into her various fields of expertise, and will randomly seem to produce a statement that proves a solution to a problem that another member of the squadron may have been grappling with for some time.


She is hesitant and shy in social situations and will avoid them whenever she can- unless Mason happens to be around.

It is painfully obvious she is in love with him, but equally obvious she has no idea what to do about it. Instead the two are often seen together deeply engaged in scientific debate about plants, healing, and homeopathic concoctions.

Anything that ventures beyond those comfortable topics is liable to send her fleeing to her lab or office, leaving her unrequited companion to moon after her until such time as she is drawn out into the boisterous Squadron environment again.

She has a surprisingly hard nosed profile in written formats when it comes to conservation issues, and has earned a number of enemies from those groups more inclined to simply consume resources without an eye to preservation. She gives most of her income to fund her efforts at conservation and lives very simply.

She is knows for her ‘green thumb’ and has an uncanny ability with lower life forms that seem to sense her gentle nature and intent to do no harm.

She learned early that pure science for the sake of science alone could be very dangerous, and so keeps a close eye on how her science team’s discoveries could be used for damaging means.

Gabby 'Cookie' Longford

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