Kieran "Tuatha" Sloane


A 6’, 185Lb ex-UEE fighter pilot with black hair and blue eyes. Normally clean shaven. Has a scar under his left eye from a bar fight in flight school and a scar on his right forearm from a crash landing after a sortie against a Vanduul raid. Lanky build, short hair. 28 years old.

His attire is normally dressed in something utilitarian like a jumpsuit or coveralls – something with pockets to keep various small tools. Often wears a flight jacket, one of his few symbols of pride from his military days. Usually armed with a pistol and a couple of knives, keeps a crossbow and a shotgun on his ship for use when necessary.

Loves a good drink – preferably whiskey or rum but also keeps a few select bottles of wine and port on hand. Has a ritual of drinking a port on the anniversary of the death of every friend he lost in combat. Can often be found reading a book or pouring over an old map while listening to music. Does not smoke, but on a long haul flight is known to chew on an unlit cigar.

He is now a single independent UEE citizen with a modest living keeping his ship up and running. This keeps him away from the crush of civilization (Has quite the hate for being stuck in a city for to long) and quite happy to spend his days exploring the galaxy. Though he still does secretly love the thrill of being in a dogfight.

Loyal to his friends. Believes he has a code of honor but does not expect anyone else to live by one. Has determination to get the job done, fearless when defending his friends. Long memory and figuring out puzzles.


Kieran was born on Riesse in the Rhetor system, his parents were teachers at the university. His father taught archaeology and anthropology and his mother taught history. When Kieran was three, they left the university and spent the next twelve years planet hopping on the frontier studying alien ruins and cultures as part of a UEE project.

Later, his parents would retire back on Riesse. His older brother, Declan, went to live with his family on Terra. Kieran’s younger sister, Maeve, went to work for the UEE as a civil servant.

Originally thinking to follow in his parent’s footsteps, when he was old enough Kieran enrolled in the university on Riesse his parents taught at. He quickly discovered that the life of an academic wasn’t for him. He wanted to be back out on the frontier so he joined the UEE Navy and after showing an aptitude for astronavigation, he became a fighter pilot.

After a couple of combat tours on the frontier against the Vanduul, he was transferred to a recon squadron that flew specially modified Origin 350r ships outfitted for :LRRP in Vanduul space. His call sign back then was “Ghost”

He reached the rank of Captain but was busted down to Lt Commander after he put a mission at risk by going after a gang of pirates that was looting some previously unknown ruins in the Vanguard system. Reassigned to an escort carrier and a hornet squadron, he managed to work his way back to Captain before having his rank reduced again when he refused to order his squadron to assist in removing settlers from a small planet the UEE wanted to claim to give a weapons manufacturer access to the minerals in abundance there. Soon after that he resigned his commission rather than reenlist for another stint.

Since then, he has flown a number of odd jobs as a convoy escort, courier and has even dabbled as a merchant in his 325a.

Kieran "Tuatha" Sloane

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