Laloric "Phantom" Ilmasen


Laloric is 6’2” tall, 240 lbs, Caucasian male with a close cropped high and tight cut on dirty blonde hair and 34 years old with a slight but noticeable occipital (back of the head) bulge due to an implant modification for advanced starship systems interfacing. He is obviously former military, having been out of the service for 3 standard years he has added a few pounds, but no one considers him “fat”.

His attire is about the uniform. Uniforms are both fashionable and functional, at least Phantom says so. Everyone should have a place and be proud of it; uniforms make it that much easier to get things done. Of course uniforms come in three styles; work, play and to impress. Laloric is primarily seen in a work (duty) uniform of slate gray trimmed in the black piping and olive drab panels, denoting his position as a fleet warfare officer. The sharp eyed can see the slightly darker olive drab patch on the right breast of his dress uniform where an insignia once was, that very closely resembles the UEE Fleet Warfare Reconnaissance skill identifier.

He has an appreciation for a good cigar and neat liquor off duty, though never to excess, keeps him on his toes in ports as he seeks “the good stuff”. Bourbon, from the mid-south region of what was once America back on old Earth, is his mythological twinkie. He is normally tight lipped about his past military career, but carries around an old antique astrolabe in his personal belongings… and knows how to use it.

He demonstrates angst at being on gas giant planets, after the loss of his parents after their colony dome failed while he was away at the UEE military academy.


Laloric came from a middle class family that was able to afford transit to the UEE academy for him. During his time at the academy, A family tragedy rocked him. his parents, along with millions of people died when their colony dome failed. Though he received subsequent insurance and a sizable inheritance, along with his pay as a Merchant Naval Officer to lead a comfortable life, the tragedy left him empty and wanting some thing more.

In the UEE fleet he was regarded as well liked, always courteous and willing to help out. His mental agility and reasoning were viewed with high regard, having the ability to take difficult problems and generate viable clever solutions was invaluable to the UEE.

Laloric left the UEE to follow an old academy fling in a mercenary fleet, only to watch her vaporize when her scout ship was discovered during a scouting mission about a year ago. To date he hasn’t been looking for anything special but has been known to throw on a one night stand from time to time.

While harboring no resentment of the UEE, Laloric has decided on pursuing work as a Mercenary officer, specifically fleet warfare. Many of his superiors note his lack of desire to attain recognition, but they can’t help but comment on his proficiencies. Personally Laloric believes victory through unity and works hard to become the best tactical officer in whatever fleet he serves.

These goals have made him view people and conclude that not everyone is fully qualified to breathe, much less fly a starship. This has lead him to be more critical of others. His fear of being stranded on a ship full of incompetents, the incompetents of crewmates that resulted in the death of his academy love, has made him seem aloof until one spends some time getting to know him, and thereby prove themselves worthy of the air they breathe. While not a true loner he is secure being alone, but prefers good company and appreciates confidence, honor and integrity in those he meets.

he has utter loyalty to those who prove themselves friends. He makes friends with difficulty, learning to trust someone is difficult for him. But once the friendship is made that person becomes like family. The 39th Midnight Squadron has always shown that loyalty to him, they shall always be family.

Laloric "Phantom" Ilmasen

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