Jaeger's henchman.


A huge man of Turkish descent standing approximately 2m tall massively built. He is highly intelligent- in fact he is brilliant at programming and espionage countermeasures though he is often underestimated because of his brutish appearance. He is quiet most of the time in keeping with his training for the role as manservant, and though on the rolls of the Midnight Squadron, he answers directly to Jaeger.

He has a gold tooth on his upper right upper side and a full beard he is wont to stroke when thoughtful.

He acts as a crewmember on the Lothbrok in any capacity from gunner to helmsman.

His loyalty to Jaeger has never come into question.


Of Old-Earth Turkish origin, he was originally a servant of the von Blucher family, but threw in with the surviving twin after his banishment. A couple years older than Jaeger, he grew up in a capacity much closer to older brother than manservant- more so than Jaeger’s overbearing elder siblings.

His appearance is neat and clean but he disdains a uniform as a kind of rebellion against his original status as a servant. He favors loose, comfortable clothing of a utilitarian nature. His dark beard is his pride and joy, growing in long and dense over his lower features, and his hair is shaggy and somewhat ragged looking.


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