Marcus "Rizman" Reece

Captain of the 'Crystal Nova', Argos III's Missions Officer


Marcus is a 37yr old, 5’9", human. He has short brown hair and he’s always sporting a goatee and mustache.

He doesn’t smoke and barely touches the heavy drinking anymore.

His attire is usually close to a military casual. When he is at the Argos III station or on his ship, he’s seen wearing a black or green military sweater, his most comfortable blue jeans and his beloved designer cowboy boots. Planet side, he will done whatever is required for his stay there. However, if planet side is a city, he will always have mountaineer shades, baseball cap, and his beloved designer cowboy boots on.


Marcus Reece was born a military brat. His mother worked in personnel, while his father was one of the few top test pilots at the local UEE military testing base. Though he was born on Earth, his family transferred from base to base till his father landed the a pilot job on Terra.

In his early years, he was like any other youngster in the high tech age. He was good with computers, spending more than enough time on the VRnet. He always tried to keep up with the latest news and technology. This tended to get him in trouble more then a few times.

Marcus later gained the joy for flying like his dad, winning several awards in local flying races. With him and his father being close, this only further strengthened Marcus’ choice to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a military pilot.

Getting into the military was easy. Getting to the status of his father was another matter all together. Marcus’ first tour of duty was spent as a military EMT pilot. It was not the most glamorous of jobs, but it taught him a few things most humbling. It also gave him time to wait for that elusive opening in the Starship Piloting School and a shot at OTC.

Midway through his second tour of duty, his chance came, with a little help from his father, and Marcus was on his way to becoming a high profile starship pilot.

Around this time, a war broke out between the UEE and a rogue system still bitter at it’s mistreatment at the hands of the UEE. Marcus was stationed on the Bengal-Class carrier Valkyrie. During the war, Marcus was credited for his excellent piloting skills, as well as his gaming skills to which a few pilots walked away without all their paycheck.

By his third tour of duty, Marcus befriended, and fought beside, a few members of the newly created 39th Midnight Squadron, to which he was invited to join. Marcus jumped at the chance when his tour was up with the UEE Navy and became one of their Merchant and Expeditionary Sector officers. He is also one of the few people Xander Morgan, commander and CEO of the 39th MS, will trust with current day affairs on the Argos III when he is away on business.

Marcus is one of the few members who has a family aboard the Argos III. His wife Melody runs the daycare while his three children attend school.

He still flies with them to this day.

Marcus "Rizman" Reece

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