Mason 'Doc' Gastineau


At first impression, this tall, powerfully built man would seem well suited to a combat oriented calling.

Hailing from Old Earth and retired with honors from a soldiering life, this Cajun gentleman found his true calling in saving lives rather than taking them. Starting as a combat medic in his first duties with the UEE Marines, Mason quickly earned the respect of being referred to as ‘Doc’ by his platoon, and many lives were saved by the serious, soft spoken medical tech over the years.

Deeply affected by the loss of life he witnessed, Mason expanded on his basic medical education until he had earned his full medical credentials. He then accepted an assignment under the best doctors in the UEE to further his knowledge, eventually writing several key journal pieces on restorative surgical techniques for traumatic injuries as well as identifying several age delaying medical procedures.

He delights in digging up indigenous medical practices from all over the universe including ancient voodoo practices, and is deeply interested in identifying uses for herbs in natural healing practices.

He does not drink alcohol, but has developed a deep appreciation of naturally cultivated teas and has an extensive collection.


‘Doc’ hails from a large family still living primarily in Louisiana on Old Earth. He has several siblings serving with the UEE, and keeps in close contact with them all.

Though his huge hands seem designed to crush and break, he is known for his incredibly deft and gentle touch. He has a keen mind with a voracious appetite for all things relating to the healing arts.

There is very little he has not seen of the ugliest faces of war though he will not speak of his own experiences. However his innate empathy and experience makes him an ideal healer for those damaged by war in more than a physical sense.

He is very close to Lucan, and the two have the tradition of hosting a long running poker night where any number of squadron members- even Xander himself- will attend.

Mason is deeply in love with the Squadron’s Chief Science Officer, Gabby Longford, though both seem oblivious that the other has the same feelings and are too respectful of the other to act on their sentiments.

There is a betting pool on how long it will take the two to progress romantically that has reached legendary proportions. It is not unheard of for the less scrupulous members of the Squadron to try and hedge their bets by attempting to play matchmaker, often with comedic results.

Mason 'Doc' Gastineau

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