Richard "Jaeger" Von Blucher

39th Midnight Squadron Enforcer.


Richard appears to be in his mid twenties, though it is impossible to say if the age is natural or artificially contrived. He has chestnut brown hair, blue eyes and pale complexion. He is 6’1" tall, 190 pounds and in apparent good physical condition.

His disposition is aloof, distant, and cold with a palpable sense of subdued rage and a temper that will periodically assert itself in no uncertain terms to all but his commander. He is not afraid of violence and goes about it in a detached matter of fact way that terrorizes his foes and allies alike. His body is marked by scars from battles and fights in a time when scars are rare given the ease of repairing such damage. A more observant person might recognize his disdain for the ease of the healing process in this age or a suspicion for the science accompanying it. He is impassive about the ugliness left behind by his struggles and seems only to concern himself with repairing damage that would otherwise impair him. He has no interest in the cosmetic applications.

Jaeger is an Enforcer for the Commander of Midnight Squadron, and will act is bodyguard when the situations call for it. From Xander’s lips to Jaeger’s ear, and order will be carried out unfailingly and without flinching. There is a tremendous amount of speculation as to how this loyalty developed, though the secret, if there is one, is kept close between Enforcer and Commander.

There are many rumours about his past, including a persistent one that he came from old Earth money, but was disgraced and disowned in an event that resulted in a woman’s death. Some claim it was a wife, others a favorite of the Emperor, and still others claim he killed his own sister. Needless to say he is not inclined to respond to questions as his is not a visage that welcomes conversation- idle or otherwise. What is known for a fact is his ruthless inclination to shoot first and ask questions later when acting in the interest of a contract or the Squadron.He does not appear to bother himself over hostages or innocent bystanders if they get in the way of a mission. He is truly a juggernaut when it comes to fulfilling an order, and will hunt down his quarry to the ends of the universe if crossed- thus his callsign- Jaeger which translates as Hunter in his native tongue.

Richard typically favors immaculately tailored uniforms that he sees as the required dress for his role as pilot/commander of his Constellation class vessel and his role within the organization.


Richard comes from old money on Earth (his birthplace), which is where he was able to come up with the funds to buy his own ship, although his family has all but disowned him and doesn’t speak of him, publicly. He spent his youth in the pursuit of various reckless pleasures and dangerous hobbies. At some point, he bought his ship and decided to travel the galaxy, ending up at the side of the Commander of the Midnight Squadron.

No one could say for sure how long he has worked for Xander, but people have difficulty remembering a time when his grim visage was not by the commander’s side.

Richard "Jaeger" Von Blucher

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