Robbie "Sapper" Burgundy

39th Midnight Squadron Pilot. Local Demolitions Expert


Robbie is a 33 year old, 5’11, 200Lb., male with dark brown near black hair in a side part. He has bright blue eyes, arms covered in tattoos, a sharp handsome face with a scar that runs over his right eye and a nose that’s been broken in multiple places. He makes for an intimidating sight, or at least he would it is wasn’t for the large mischievous, lopsided grin he wears 90% of the time.

His attire is comfortable, functional clothing and a good pair of boots. He’s never seen without at least his pistol, several “conveniently placed” knives, a multi-tool, and a lock pick. His aviators, flight suit and Bomber jacket are on while flying or walking around. A UEE issued combat/body armor and a combat chest rig when he’s in the field.

His parents are separated living on earth still, and little brother works on earth as an electrical engineer. He goes and sees them anytime a job takes him into the system.

He is well liked. Though more of a lone wolf, he is more then happy to wing-man or escort anyone who needs a hand. The slight mischievous, lopsided grin he wears is infectious. Though sometimes this can’t hide the thoughts of losing someone to his crazy ways.

Robbie is constantly smoking a cigar, and has to replace the ships air filters more then anyone he’s met because of it. Always has a good scotch in the ship. Listens to country, rock, heavy metal, punk, or anything that is good “cruising” music while on escort or in port relaxing. In a dog fight however, it’s dead silent in the cockpit so he can listen to the ship.


Combat engineers are better known for their drinking and bar fights then producing good starship fighter pilots, but that’s just where Robbie Burgundy call-sign “Sapper” started.

As a young boy growing up on Sol, Robbie always wanted to fly a starship, and dreamed of being a great Fighter ace. As he grew up however, his attention in school waned and he had a knack for getting into trouble. Usually his troubles came from fights with the school bullies that picked on the smaller kids. When his 18th birthday came around, he applied for the UEE’s navy fighter program, but was denied because of his lack of good grades and rather large school record of fights and suspensions.

Knowing he wanted to serve, he applied for the UEE army ground forces as a combat engineer and was accepted on the spot due to his high mathematical skill’s, despite his poor grades, and high intelligence level.

During a time in the serves of the UEE ground forces, there was an incident during an airstrike where a young pilot was mortally wounded and set down near Robbie’s unit, which was under it’s own heavy attack. After pulling the pilot from his craft, Robbie; realizing that the mission had to be carried out at all cost; removed the dying pilots helmet and jumped into the hornet. He was determined to get this done, he had seen enough of his unit take deadly hits from the other side.

It was a rough take-off (he hit two parked transport craft), he was able to continue the pilots mission. During which he hit both remaining targets, took out 4 enemy fighters and dropped a half empty drop tank on the enemy encampment, effectively neutralizing the ground forces. On his return trip due to the dropped fuel tank was forced to crash the hornet no more then 200m for the point he had taken off from (destroying 4 more transports, 2 staff vehicles and the generals personal space craft).

After learning what the young man had done, the navy brass gladly gave the orders that he was to be given the opportunity to take a commission and attend the UEE’s naval fighter program.

During his training, Sapper tended to live up to his call-sign repeatedly getting into trouble by procuring, or “Sapping”, things for his hornet that seemingly appeared out of thin air. Despite this, Sapper graduated among the top 5% of all UEE pilots, and was for a time part of the famous 42nd.

He retired very early from the UEE Navy and after receiving his citizenship, he pursued different types of mercenary work using both his soldier skills and pilot skills to great reward, though not always on the side of the law he always strives to do the right thing. This kept him wealthy enough to retire from it all. But he knew he would be to bored to do such a thing. His mind was made up that he would die on a starship or on his feet fighting instead of a rocking chair.

After several years of contracted work, by the age of 33, Robbie applied for; well pulled some strings; and was designated to The Advocacy Agency as a special agent, and along with his new Origin 325a, Breacher Up, he has been running with 39th midnight Squadron for almost a year now doing what he can to help, acting as both the demolition expert in ship to ship raids and ground raids, as well at escort and he is the squadron’s all round jack of all trades. He has been known to patch up a ship long enough to get it to Mother Goose.

Robbie "Sapper" Burgundy

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