Skylar “Vicious” Connor

Fugitive on the Run


32 years old. Skylar stands at 5’9”, beige skin, and neck-length brown hair. With her muscular build, she holds a lean 143lbs. Her clothing is often loose fitting, and of lighter material. Given her lack of sizable income, she can not afford dressing expensively, and the clothes she wears is often dirtied with oil, blood, and/or sweat. Her wardrobe is solely comprised of tank-tops, cargo pants and a single pair of military boots. She often keeps knee and elbow pads, along with guards for her wrist.


Skylar was born on Earth. She is an only child of doctors. Her mother works in the civilian sector while her father, now retired, was in the military medical field.

Skylar began her career working for a professional military contractor, Gray Hunter. They mainly operated by receving distress calls from planets and nearby systems who needed help in any way possible. Gray Hunter would send workers, whom later found out to be convicts, or slaves to deal with the task at hand. However, most jobs came with a high risk to the employee’s life. However, it was here that Skylar learned how to pilot and repair ships. The mostly male population forced Skylar to learn to defend herself, as she learned martial arts and began weight training.

Skylar was assigned to mineral rich asteroid field named Sigma-15. She was placed with a group of men to gather minerals from the nearby asteroids, a mission often done in groups. One ship was tasked with mining the asteroids while other ships kept watch as Sigma-15 was a region known to harbor pirate fleets. Because of this, one of the ships was always sent to recon and distract any pirate opposition while the mining was in progress. The distraction ship was chosen by a game of cards, something Skylar learned to cheat in. However, during the course of her missions, Skylar learned more and more how corrupt Gray Hunter was.

Due to Skylar’s flawless record, she was sent to a prestigious military academy, from which many of Gray Hunter’s administrators came from. However, her time spent there mostly involved learning how to enforce and kill. Still, she excelled with flying colors. She was, again, assigned to Sigma-15 where she was placed as a security officer in the space station outside of the asteroid field. However, due to the nature of the employees, security enforcement often resulted in torture and/or death… something Skylar found largely inhumane. She gathered much of the evidence of Gray Hunter’s unlawful activities and threatened them to change their system and policies. Gray Hunter, however, caught Skylar, destroyed her evidence, framed her for murder, destruction of property, and embezzlement. Skylar was later sent to Teufel-Haus, a penitentiary.

She spent less than three years in Teufel-Haus. Before her third year, she assaulted a guard, took his belongings and started a riot before making her way out of the prison, killing 4 guards and the pilot of a freighter she and several inmates escaped in. Upon hearing this, Gray Hunter placed a bounty on her head resulting in bounty hunters and mercenaries chasing her across the stars. It was more than one occasion that she had to kill to defend herself. These deaths were later placed onto her bounty. She was listed as a serial killer. Despite her evasion, Skylar was caught and imprisoned 3 more times. She was, however, able escape each one, her shortest time spent in prison was only a mere 14 hours, and 33 minutes.

Now, Skylar hides on Earth, working as a poorly-paid mechanic, a pit fighter, and a freelancer using her old call sign, Vicious.

Skylar “Vicious” Connor

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