Tyven "Meskr" Daalus


Tyven is a 6’1" tall, mid-40s, mostly athletic build with slight paunch, pale skin, steel blue eyes, walnut colored hair and beard with touches of grey, both cropped short.

You will most commonly see him dressed in dark colored serviceable clothing, i.e. flight suits, workman’s coveralls, etc. While often wrinkled and worn, he keeps it all fastidiously clean. It is also common for him to carry a utility gear-pack over his shoulder, and a couple personal weapons (hidden and overt depending on local laws).

Tyven is equipped with bio-modifications. There are four bio-augmentation implants within him: 1) Data port hidden in small finger of left hand, 2nd knuckle from the tip. 2&3) Processing and data storage units implanted where his spleen used to be, 4) Internal visual neural imager interfacing into the fovea of the left eye.

His nature revels in chaotic events, he fidgets all the time, adores bad puns, and often an instigator of practical jokes.

Tyven is practical opportunist person in a violent universe, who behaves as a good man when he can. He will fiercely protect those he deems worthy of it and/or innocent and in need. He also knows he’s a little bit of a hypocrite, willing to step all over the law to get his job done.


Meskr is a private man. Not only does it show in his demeanor, but any trace of him has either been filed away within the Advocacy classified vaults, or erased from all digital memory.

What is know is that Tyven Daalus was born in a small asteroid colony rumored to have been centered on an Advocacy data hub and fueling station on the fringes of known space, disguised as a mining outfit. The place was only known by a number, not a name. Any curious sort looking for this colony will fine it long gone now.

While Tyven was growing up in this colony, a still undisclosed accident took the life of both his parents and his bother. To this day, Tyven has neither been given the true origin of the accident, nor has he been able to find its reason with his resources.

Tyven joined the UEE at a young age. His high ability to adapt to any issue and incredible acumen in diagnosing the crux of any problem, even when he lacks the skills to complete the fix, had shot him to the head of the class. He also had the gift to learn new skills and concepts on the fly, outpacing anyone to a journeyman level. He absorbed knowledge, both useful and not, at an incredible rate. This became both a strength and a weakness, as he would get bored with one thing and dive head long into another.

These things caught the eyes of the Advocacy Agency. For many reasons, Tyven jumped at the chance to join them. Tyven soon was doing jobs of the clandestine and undeclared sort. Intel gathering, sabotage, and psy-ops work were among them. Undercover work became his master trade.

His years within the agency transformed him both mentally and physically as witness with the several implants leftover from his agency days. He had to learn new jobs well enough to hold his cover for a few or several months.

Since his release from the Advocacy under classified reasons, Tyven has been running a jack-of-all-trades in jobs. These range from mining, information dealing, corporate infiltrator and covert exploration. Most of these have been done while flying a recently acquired retaliator ship that was once designed for bombing, but soon to be tweaked for armed mining, further exploration, with the possible blockade running when needed.

He has been with Midnight Squadron only a year or so, (it’s rumored that Xander is the only one to ever catch him as a corporate spy as one of Xander’s rivals. Xander turned around and made Meskr a double agent by offering a substantially bigger sum), though he still is known to take solo jobs. The 39th MS represents friends, trusted allies, safer hangar space, and better access to good work to keep the ships flying.

Tyven "Meskr" Daalus

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