Ursula "Ursa" LeBlanc

39th Midnight Squadron Chief Technician


Caucasian, female, 21 earth years old, Political faction neutral though edging into a bias against the UEE policies.

She is pale skinned without scarring or apparent injury aside from occasional knuckle scrapes and occasional skin pad in evidence around one finger or another- usually acquired from her mechanical excursions into one of the squadron ships. She has an athletic build due to her constant activity rather than computer assisted ascetic modifications. She has no visible birthmarks. She has dark hair and beautiful, thickly lashed eyes that speak of her Romany heritage.

Her tattoos are myriad and amazing. Imbedded in conjunction with a neural synthesizer and done in spectrum and pattern specific nanite mesh, Ursula possesses infinite layers of possible tattoo patterns that allow her to change her ink as one would a set of clothing. By some unintentional quirk, the telemetry vectors have connected to cortex functions necessary to emotion expression. Because of this, her Squadron family and those that know her well can nearly always anticipate her mood- or if she is being truthful about something. Extreme anger- which is very rare to this sunny dispositioned young woman- or sorrow short out the system, typically leaving her skin smooth and absent of the luminescent artwork that otherwise adorns it.

Ursula’s fashion sense is…unique. Due to her fascination with Earth and her twin passion for all things fashionable in the modern universe, she will often invest hours of her time creating outfits in a modified textile uniform atomizer pod. Her creations could contain any number of mismatched clothing items like English Victorian Earth undergarments worn outside a Roman Toga with Japanese Empire footwear and pink metallic elbow gloves from the trendy Tonsu 11 social scene topped off with industrial rated welding goggles on top of her head. Her hair is typically in pigtails or tied back away from her face.

However on missions she can be coaxed into more practical garb, though her mechanic overalls will always have some concession to her creativity.

Ursula sees piercings as an extension of her wardrobe and will randomly pierce or go unadorned as her artistic opinion dictates. In this instance however, she is very practical after an incident with a belly ring while working inside a HUD 345 compartment, and so rarely wears jewelry while doing maintenance on her ships.

Ursula is gregarious and open, and never judges a stranger based on appearance. Because of this she tends to be able to cross barriers stand-offish sorts erect around themselves. She has an uncanny ability to relate to others and the charm to make the hardest bounty hunter smile. She is the ultimate ‘girl next door’ and most quickly take a liking to her. This can also prove a disadvantage however, as she will often say exactly what she thinks even when it is not the most diplomatic.

She is a brilliant mechanic and engineer. Oddly she has no formal schooling and learns through practice, intuition, constant reading and a natural talent. She may not know the formal name for a part or a tool, but she can certainly figure out how to use or repair them.


Ursula was born on a ship, to a wayward space gypsy mom and a Navy fighter pilot father, who was a standing member of the 39th Midnight Squadron unit. Ursula’s mother was of the Romany Gypsy blood line, as well as a member of the Itinerant Gypsy Flotilla that roams the galaxy offering any sort of service imaginable. Her grandfather is a senior member of the Flotilla Council and she has a number of uncles and aunts as well as cousins who live there.

Her father was a fighter pilot with the Squadron as well as an officer. His reputation as a pilot was legendary to the point that enemies would often bug out as soon as he was identified in the field. His call sign, Gunslinger, is still respected and recognized in the far corners of the galaxy for both his skill as a pilot and his integrity as a man.

Sadly, Usula lost both of her parents: her mother to an airlock accident on a standard cargo mission, and her father a number of years later when he blocked a hit intended for his wingman after his shields had gone down due to mechanical error. Those who know Ursula well recognize her worry and concern over the perfect working order of the ships and components stem from the fact that both of her parents were lost to preventable mechanical malfunctions.

It is also noteworthy that her grandfather blamed her father for not keeping his daughter safe, and to this day expresses his anger towards the man who stole his daughter. While that feeling does not extend to his grand-daughter, she finds it difficult to hear her grandfather disparage the father she adored and thus rarely returns for visits.

Ursula is very wealthy due to a number of patents she has created as well as the shipping shares that transferred to her when her father died. Her mission cut from the Squadron alone would have been adequate, but her ownership of her mother’s tanker and her father’s explorer could open many Social and political doors for her if she were so inclined. This is something she places little importance on however, and very few would guess at given her manner. Most who are ignorant of who she is judge her as ‘Gypsy’ with all the ascribed dubiousness and illegitimacy that word has garnered since early Earth days, and color their dealings towards her with that prejudice. She often laughs at the fact that this tendency has scored more than one contract for the Squadron, as she is often approached for smuggling operations and things that need doing under the radar.

Ursula adores her Squadron family and there is nothing she wouldn’t do for them- even if it was less than legal. She doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body, nor does she exhibit much fear – even in dangerous situations- to the great resignation of her Squadron ‘family’.. She is practical at heart, is content doing what she is doing and in whom she is. She believes people are inherently good and this has led to her being hurt at times. She would dislike killing a person face to face and only do so to protect. Conversely she seems fine with blowing up the odd enemy ship in space and delights in vaporizing a foe.

Though her call sign is “Ursa”, the squadron, both old and new, have taken to calling her “Mother Goose” for the way she takes care of their ships, and the unit itself. Despite her growing “family”, Ursula seems ever doomed to remain single- the price of having multiple squadron ‘uncles’ well versed in the tricks of single suitors who would ‘prey’ on their ‘Mother Goose’- a fact she bemoans regularly to her squadron ‘aunts’ who are often just as over protective and intent on sheltering her.

Ursula is nothing if not quirky. She will babble happily about Earth to whomever will listen, sharing little known historical facts she has dug up in her fascination with the Human home world. She adores the American Rock era of the 60’s and 70’s, and will often fill the hangar with Club Music from some of the better known clubs while she does her aircraft maintenance rounds.

Usra’s gift is working on ships, most especially managing repairs and modifications with bizarre components that SHOULDN’T work. She is curious about figuring out gizmos almost to a fault- regularly tearing something apart to see how it works. She collects all sorts of tools and will always have bits and pieces of electronics in her pockets. She has an ongoing war with several of the Squadron’s repair bots and androids who insist she is putting something together contrary to prescribed schematics, and seems incapable of being a gracious victor when her mechanical interventions work despite the criticisms.

Ursula loves space exploration and flying her mother’s ponderous ship more than she does the smaller, quicker fighters. She is a good pilot but lacks the honed killer instincts her father was known for. She is an excellent commsman in battles and handles much of the squadron communications in port as well. She will often grumble half-heartedly about being the dang secretary, though secretly she enjoys meeting new people and engaging in negotiations- something she excels at and which she is sure stems from her Gypsy heritage.

She truly shines as a mechanic and engineer.

Ursula "Ursa" LeBlanc

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