Bellisaria "Marxist" Romanov

Ex-UEE Aviation Warrent Officer for SPEC-OPS, Independent UEE citizen, Registered Freelance Bounty Hunter and Private investigator


6’0" Female, age 24, Ex-UEE Aviation Warrent Officer for SPEC-OPS, independent UEE citizen, Registered Freelance Bounty Hunter and Private Investigator, Human.

She shows no scars or injuries, however she is Partially cyberized: Has partially cyberized brain for tactical assistance. Has a small birthmark on her left wrist, Lean Fit (145lbs) – has the look of a person who has a good moral compass and duty tempered with time in the military. Oak Color eyes (light brown and gold mixture), Red hair, Has a small to medium size Samus symbol on her left shoulder blade. Lightly tanned, (she had to use that shore leave for something!). Her physique is akin to an Olympic athlete, since she has participated in gymnastics and swimming (swim team, water polo and scuba diving) that complimented her special training that warranted activities such as raiding terrorist installations to torch and burn ops. Now the only jobs she does as a bounty hunter is assassinating targets she believes the universe would be a better place without them and dabbling into private eye work when hunting is not necessary.

She considers her wardrobe to fit every situation when the time is right. Usually she favors wearing clothes with a “form should follow function” mentality. Her favorite colors are white and green. She even has a peculiar device that wraps around her left hand, fore arm and can expand to the shoulder. This device has multiple functions ranging from remotely controlling her 325a, a music player, to a ramming shield application for dealing damage much like old world brass knuckles to personal protection that can be stretched into a personal shield for her to use. With normal clothing, she typically likes form fitting clothing underneath. Another piece of equipment is what appear to be plastic safety glasses at first glance. On further inspection, these glasses gives Bellisaria an interface in which to control her 325a remotely and gives up to date information on whichever situation demands either assessing threats, ship information and such. Of course this is all she needs in case there is a fight that can’t be avoided.


Born Bellisaria Romanov, Bell to those that know her, by prominent parents that are both professional doctors. Having prominent parents had it’s ups and downs, more downs on her side. In her younger years, she had been dominated by concrete thinking and her dreams of becoming a writer crushed by the iron foot of her parents. Though her sister had a better grip with what her parents were doing, later to become an ophthalmologist, Bell on the other hand proved to take a more verbally violent secession. It’s probably safe to say that Bellisaria still somewhat has parental issues and resents the thought of having to meet with her parents as well as both parties never understanding each other.

Her parent issues could attribute relationships as she isn’t really looking for guys that just have energy to do a one night stand. She wants a person that won’t give up on her, like she feels her parents have done, because she can be quite the handful when it comes to relationships.

Her parents have also become the number one thing she fears in the cosmos. Even though she misses them from time to time, she sometimes counts every moment without their overbearing yammering as a blessing.. Being alone.

She is considered an introvert, with high grades of intuition, feelings, and perceiving or an INFP for short. INFPs tend to be quiet and reserved. Being in social situations tends to drain their energy and they prefer interacting with a select group of close friends. While they like to be alone, this should not necessarily be confused with shyness. Instead, it simply means that INFPs gain energy from spending time alone. On the other hand, they have to expend energy in social situations.
INFPS typically rely on intuition and are more focused on the big picture rather than the nitty-gritty details. They can be quite meticulous about things they really care about or projects they are working on, but tend to ignore mundane or boring details.
INFPs place an emphasis on personal feelings and their decisions are more influenced by these concerns rather than by objective information. They also dislike conflict and try to avoid it. When conflicts or arguments do arise, they usually focus more on how the conflict makes them feel rather than the actual details of the argument. During arguments, they might seem overly emotional or even irrational. However, they can also be good mediators by helping the people involved in a conflict identify and express their feelings.

Bell spent almost two years as a UEE Army ‘ground pounder’. However the UEE recieved knowledge that she was an exceptional pilot and transfered her to the Army Piloting Academy with the rank of Aviation Warrant Officer. Her service in the UEE by this time was limited in action. It was not until the assault on Tiber II and meeting Deckard Knyghte that she saw her truest and most bloodiest of action. Her exceptional actions during this battle caught the eye of the brass and soon she was transfered to SPEC-OPS. She however did not renew her services after her last three years were up and left the way she came, alone.

For a long time, she was a drifter accepting odd jobs as a self taught bounty hunter and private investigator. To keep tabs on Deckard, she too enlisted to The 39th as a basic member until she decided to take a leave of absense for 3 years. Being alone for 3 years without any time to be social can be tough on an individual. It leaves one to contemplate on past actions and devise goals for a brighter future. She wants to find a place to call a home away from home. However, in a time of loneliness, having a prominent upbringing did have its perks in terms of intricate thinking. From a young age to the present, Bellisaria grabbed any opportunity to read many books of ancient times, some as early as the 21st century. This leads her to be somewhat philosophical and even quote lines from her readings when she speaks such as giving advice or seldom kernels of wisdom.

Since Bellisaria has experienced a tumultuous early life and continues to do so to this day, music becomes here escape. She enjoys it so much, that she uses it almost everywhere and in everything she does, even in combat. What many confuse as it might suggest as a peculiar dance routine, it’s actually the way she fights driven by the beat and melody of music. This can range from holding fire arms in a peculiar way to straight up hand to hand combat. She prefers music that has weight and stature, heroic and inspiring but always having room for fun. This can range from orchestra to dance techno. Another device that she always keeps on her person is a digital voice recorder. This mostly serves as Bellisaria’s way to record events, store away feelings hurt and otherwise as well as social situations, to catalog business actions and the like. She is ever sharp with keen observations and loves to meet new people. She however excels a being a bit of a smartass for her own self amusement sometimes to be the life of the party. But some of the time it doesn’t work out.

Bellisaria "Marxist" Romanov

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