Xander Morgan, "Capm", Squadron CEO and COO

Head of the Midnight Squadron.




Xander Morgan, callsign “Capm” is a corporate exec able to rub shoulders with the richest business leaders and politicians in the galaxy. A figure surrounded by speculation and enigma, inquiries into his past result with classified status encryption or lead to assorted false trails.

Capm is in his late 30’s in appearance, though that could be deliberately misleading and no one is certain of his age. He is fit and clean shaven in most circumstances, with a military precision evident in his body postures and in situational awareness. He is known as a ruthless adversary and is highly protective of his assets- to include his crews and freelance members.

He is well groomed, tall and lightly muscled with short dark hair and a rugged jawline with clean, chiseled features. His eyes are blue though the highly specialized ocular implants in both eyes lend a metallic gleam at some angles and give off a slight glow in low light. There is extensive speculation as to what capabilities the implants have, though no one has discovered the specifics.

His voice is deep and seems tempered by whiskey and cigarettes with a tendency to drawl when fatigued. Though it is evidently an old Earth American accent, his vocabulary and elocution are precise and reflect a higher level of education. In an age where language is no longer a barrier thanks to translator implants, Capm is accomplished in speaking old Earth Russian, Chinese, Italian, and French in a native manner.

He is popular with women and is regularly seen on social scenes with actresses and socialites, though he cycles through companions regularly, avoiding serious romantic entanglements.

His clothing is generally of the business sort, favoring a boardroom look with suits and ties and expensive shoes,though he is known to throw on body armor and fatigues in Command and Control. He is always perfectly manicured though this trait seems less an affectation than a byproduct of his meticulous attention to detail.

He has no tattoos or visible scars.

He is a heavy smoker, favoring exclusively marketed and expensive smokes from actual tobacco plants grown in soil without the standard filters.

Capm is an excellent pilot in his own right whose reputation for icy precision in battle has often turned the tide of an encounter for the Squadron. While some think it is odd for a man of his wealth to join in on various expeditions, it is evident he can fly with the best and never expects a Squadron member to risk themselves where he will not.

While some organizations favor numbers, he is known to be highly particular of who he allows to represent his interests.He rarely interferes in day to day operations of the Squadron, and will step in only occasionally with very particular missions that must be satisfied to very exact parameters with very little additional information given on a need to know basis only.

His scrutiny tends to make others uncomfortable with the general consensus being that if you have drawn his attention it is either a very good or a very bad thing. He is quiet spoken and generally says as little as possible. It is a favorite saying amongst Squadron and business associates alike that Capm knows more about you than you know about yourself, and he is sure to have a file somewhere on what you will be doing tomorrow and the day after that.

There are whispers that he is a Special Agent for the Emperor, gossip that he is a Crime Lord of the old world Mafia type, and still others suggest he is one of the top leaders of the Resistance against the Empire. Yet in the end the only sure thing is that he is a preeminent CEO of a wealthy shipping and mercenary interest that boasts some of the best crews to be found in the business.

Xander Morgan, "Capm", Squadron CEO and COO

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