Lucan Bachoc


An old man with white, short cut hair and a beard.

He has a large hooked nose that has a ruddy appearance.

He has dark eyes typically filled with gentleness and wisdom- he has the look of an ‘old soul’.

He is average height.

He wears simple clothing and refuses to eat synthesized food. He makes his own spirits and owns a winery back in the Basque settlement- and is always good for a bottle on hand.


Old Basque Navigator- a man Ursula’s mother knew when she was a child, and a good friend to her father. If there is a little hole in the wall moon that hardly anyone knows about- he will know of it. He loves star maps and collects them.

He is a font of knowledge when it comes to who discovered what and when or the shortest route to a particular place. (Of course most of those people were Basque or had Basque blood twice removed somewhere in the lineage, lol!)

He is also a man of great faith without being pushy or overt or judgemental. He simply practices the kindness that is the core of Christian values. This was not always the case though, and on the right night, to the right listeners, the old man might tell a tale of warriors and pirates and warrior pirates.

Lucan works most commonly from aboard ship, though if the need is great he will don blaster armor and armament more commonly seen in museums, though his skill with these old tools of war is masterful.

When taken by the urge, (usually when drinking) he will sing the old songs of the Basque people and fancies himself a troubadour.

Lucan Bachoc

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